Longmarsh books

The Last Steamer and Other Strange Tales

by Bob Mann

For several years, Totnes writer and Longmarsh Press founder Bob Mann has given to friends and family a … Read More

Potters: A Division Of Labour

by John Lancaster

An award-winning poet in the National Poetry Competition, now living in Totnes, Devon, John Lancaster’s fifth collection is rooted in his home territory of Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire … Read more

Dartington college cover

Dartington College of Arts

by Sam Richards

Sam Richards’ long-awaited history of Dartington College covers the whole story of the ‘Dartington experiment,’ from the estate’s purchase by the Elmhirsts in 1925 to the college’s closure in 2010. Based on extensive interviews and research, it is the definitive account of what made the college … Read more

In the day cover

in the day

by Kevin Marman

‘I see the world in fragments – like pieces of a puzzle I fit together. The sky, the earth, the sea. The places I go. The faces of the people. Fragments. Some days they come together, they fit in place, they fix. The picture is there and whole. Some days. Some days, the fragments are all that I have …  Read more

Berry Pomeroy Castle

A Most Haunting Castle

by Bob Mann

Berry Pomeroy Castle, near Totnes, is widely known as one of the most haunted ruins in England. In this book, Bob Mann explores its influence on the mind and imagination, and introduces new poems and stories inspired by it, from some of the finest writers working in the South West …   Read more

Ielfstans Place book cover

Ielfstan’s Place

by Richard Girling

In Ielfstan’s Place Richard Girling recreates the thousands of years of life in and around the village from the time of the earliest human inhabitants of the area to the early twentieth century, through a connected sequence of short stories …  Read more

Green county book cover

Green Country

by Vian Smith

Green Country – Vian Smith’s Dartmoor and South Devon is a selection of extracts from Portrait of Dartmoor and many of his shorter writings, including articles, stories and prose sketches, covering all aspects of the moor and its life …  Read more

About Longmarsh Press

The Longmarsh Press is a small independent publishing business committed to high quality fiction and non-fiction, mainly but not exclusively connected with Devon. It was founded in 2008 by Totnes writer Bob Mann.

Forthcoming publications include a portrait of Totnes and a guide to literary Devon by Bob Mann.

The Longmarsh is a much-loved recreational area reclaimed from wetland, stretching for a mile beside the River Dart in Totnes, affording fine views of the estuary and town, and rich habitats for wildlife.

‘Bob Mann is a passionate and committed writer and publisher. Literary Devon owes him a great deal.’

Joanna Briscoe, novelist.